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Hydrasmart Pro is one of the Haute Couture Skincare Devices of the Estech Global family. Hydrasmart Pro is a breakthrough at professional skincare as it is not only a Hydradermabrasion device but also a device that the users can prepare highly effective serums for their clients' skin needs; that's why we call it `Smart Facial`.

Hydrasmart Pro Serums

HydraSmart Pro Serums are explicitly formulated for Hydrasmart Pro devices. The Pro Serums are designed with extremely high percentages of the most potent active ingredients to boost the HydraSmart Treatments. The serums are divided into 7 categories according to the type of benefits:

  • Anti-Ageing
  • Anti-Pigmentation,
  • Hydration,
  • Sebum Balance,
  • Pore Reduction,
  • Scalp and Hair
  • Anti-Redness

Pro Serum Table

Hydrasmart Therapy

Following the standard HydraSmart Hydradermabrasion facial treatment, one of the Starter Peels for Pro Spray function may be selected to boost the exfoliation results. This stage is done through Pro Spray, an effective and comfortable way of infusing the exfoliator evenly to the skin.

The second stage of Hydrasmart Therapy is customizing and preparing unique serums for the clients’ needs. In this stage, Pro Serum or Pro Serums are selected based on the skin’s needs and the patient’s request (a maximum of 3 Pro Serums can be used in a session).

After the appropriate serums with unique active ingredients are selected, they are placed on the Hydrasmart Pro device’s injector chamber, and serums are mixed with the base solution. They are delivered into the skin via Hydradermabrasion.

Technical Features

Device Size and Weight: 39 cm (lenght) x 48cm(width) x 96cm(height), 37kg
Waste Tank Capacity: 2000 ml
Solution Tanks’ Capacity: 500 ml
PRO Tank Capacity: 100 ml
Vacuum and Flow
Up to -590 mm/Hg (-11,41 psi)
Electrical Requirements: 220/230 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Packaging Size: 70x80x130cm

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