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Smoothness Has Never Been
This Easy
Introducing our superior Coolase diode laser, an innovative laser device that provides a comfortable and efficient laser hair removal treatment, suitable for all skin types and body/facial areas
Featuring a high specification, Coolase is one of the top diode lasers in the market. The laser features the Triple Laser Wave Technology, which combines the proven benefits of three wavelengths, allowing clinics to achieve maximum results and flexibility compared to single wavelength alternatives.

Coolase is one of the fastest, safest & most powerful laser hair removal systems on the market, designed for established, high volume clinics to maximise profitability.

Triple Laser Wave Technology

Coolase is designed to work with three different wavelengths (755nm, 810nm and 1064nm) and an applicator with combined wavelengths (810nm, 940nm and 1064nm) to permanently & safely remove all kinds of hair on all skin types.

These three wavelengths transmit energy to different skin depths, leading to a better result than one wavelength as the hair follicles are spread over various depths.

Extended Warranty

Coolase is designed for busy clinics; hence it comes with an extended one year or 50 million shots warranty.

Smooth Skin with Coolase

3 Wavelengths

Pe Epidermis Cooling Technology

PE Epidermis Cooling and Client Safety

The laser has three temperature sensors in the device and handpiece. It constantly monitors the temperature of the laser head, guaranteeing a constant temperature of 3-10°C at the tip of the handpiece at all times, providing safe treatments.

Laser Hair Removal with Coolase

  • Triple laser wavelength technology
  • PE epidermis cooling system for ideal client comfort
  • Can be used on most skin types and most areas of the body
  • Hair re-growth decline seen just after the first session
  • Permanent hair reduction
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