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Hybrid IPL Technology
Citrolase uses a state-of-art Hybrid IPL technology that involves special light filter lenses integrated into the handpiece applicators. This unique technology provides a transformation from IPL into a Diode Laser in terms of hair removal results.

Designed For Permanent Hair Reduction

Hybrid IPL Citrolase not only reduces hair but also prevents hair regrowth. It is equipped with state-of-art handpiece applicators and a power supply to target the hair follicles and eliminate them without damaging the skin.

Optimum Wavelength Range For Hair Removal

Citrolase’s unique filters provide an effective hair removal process by using wavelengths that target the hair follicles. As the wavelength range is 530 to 950 nanometers, it includes all Alexandrite Laser (755 nm) and Diode Laser (810 nm) wavelengths, hence the advantages of both these systems.

Ideal For Fast-Paced Clinics And Salons

Citrolase provides a fast and comfortable user experience thanks to its dual handpiece applicators. It has a traditional hair removal mode and Super Hair Removal mode with a frequency of 10 Hz; meaning that it can reach up to 10 shots in a second.

Additionally, since Citrolase uses an advanced refrigeration cooling system, it can work for hours at a fast-paced clinic.

Advantages Of Citrolase Hybrid Ipl

  • 3 years of clinically proven effectiveness,
  • Its hybrid feature provides a better success rate and offers faster and long-lasting results even on the thinnest hairs.
  • It can be easily applied to all parts of the face and body.
  • The intelligent software allows adjusting the intensity and duration of the light according to the skin type, body area and colour of the hair.
  • Safe and comfortable hair removal thanks to its PE Epidermis Cooling Tech.
  • Colour touch screen,
  • Long lasting applicators, higher return on investment and maximized investment.
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